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Kossel Medtech (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
Company Name Kossel Medtech (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
Department Manufacturer
Address Building 6, No.8 Jinfeng Road, Suzhou New District, 215163 P.R. China.
Tel 86 512 87174080
Overview Kossel Medtech (Suzhou) Co., Ltd was founded in 2013, specializing in coronary, and peripheral intervention medical devices, electrophysiology series products, and other related accessories. We also welcome OEM/ODM cooperation.
Our initial team members are experienced field experts from China and The USA. Our current core teams have more than 10 years of experience in the field and our total staff number exceeds 4000 people.
With consistent innovation abilities, advanced production capacity, and 10,000 square meters of professional facilities and laboratories we have obtained more than 100 intellectual property rights or patents, and passed ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and GMP systems. We were awarded CE, FDA, KFDA and PMDA certificates, and earned the honorary titles of a ”Unicorn” and “Gazelle” company. We have also undertaken the commercialization projects of scientific and technological achievements from our government. Our products are used in dozens of countries and customers are on every continent.
Category Metal Processing, Metal Parts/Materials
Finished Parts
Pump, Valve, Pneumatic Component
Tubes, Pipes, Needles, Pins, Tubing Materials
Filters, Films, Non-woven Fabrics, Tapes
Adhesives, Welding and Bonding Technique
Electronic Parts, Electronic Devices
OEM/Custom Manufacturing
Exhibitor Description Kossel focuses on R&D, manufacturing, and distributing of endovascular medical devices, including balloon catheters, coronary stent delivery systems, electrophysiology series products, and other relative accessories.
we are also committed to providing our customers with professionally optimized system solutions. We offer a range of customized services for
implanted metal stents, interventional balloon catheters, and electrophysiological catheters, covering a variety of medical fields, including cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, peripheral vascular, and natural lumen. Our OEM/ODM services are designed to meet the unique needs of each
customer and to deliver high-quality products that improve patient outcomes.
PTCA Balloon Dilatation Catheter
Inflation Device
PTA Balloon Dilatation Catheter