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Central-Midori Int'l Pte ltd
Company Name Central-Midori Int'l Pte ltd
Address 2 Tukang Innovation Grove #06-02 JTC MedTech Hub Singapore 618305
Tel +65 85221123
Overview Central Midori has proven to be a reliable Human Machine Interface (HMI) solution provider and is now committed through advanced Printed Electronics technologies to help its customers integrate more technology into less material and space.

Founded in Singapore in 1988 with the transfer of technology from Japan, Central Midori is recognized throughout South East Asia for its expertise in flexible printed electronic.

Our mission is to enable our customers to make their products better, cheaper and faster through our core technology expertise, process efficiency and a nimble organization. Our main products are membrane keypads, graphic overlays, backlight illumination, sensors and security foils.

Industries we serves including medical, healthcare, instrument, machine, defense.
Category Metal Processing, Metal Parts/Materials
Printing, Labels, Packages
Adhesives, Welding and Bonding Technique
Electronic Parts, Electronic Devices
Test Kits/Parts
OEM/Custom Manufacturing
Exhibitor Description
membrane keypads and graphic overlays
Medical sensors & sensors
Printed electronics circuitry & membrane keypads