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Kingwills Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.
Company Name Kingwills Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.
Address 16-17F, Building 2, Binjiang International Plaza, No.1062 Yangshupu Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai, China.
Tel +86 19121852328
Overview Kingwills Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Kingwills ”)
is committed to becoming the world’s best materials technology innovator. Our primary goal is to develop sustainable solutions that contribute to a better and fulfilling life for humanity.We foster an innovation-driven and people-centric corporate culture, emphasizing R&D investment and technical talent development. We’ve assembled a high-caliber team of doctoral and master's degree holders specializing in chemical engineering and technology, organic chemistry, polymer materials, and other fields, serving as a solid technical foundation for our new product R&D, as well as ongoing technology optimization of existing products and quality improvements. In 2019, we unveiled our proprietary flash-spun metamaterial - Hypak™, filling a gap in China's new material technology industry. Hypak™ stands out as a globally scarce material with exceptional properties, such as water repellency, breathability, light weight, tensile strength, germ barrier and cleanliness. Its versatility enables its wide application in various fields, including medical, agricultural, architectural, industrial and everyday consumer scenarios. In the middle of 2022, we began the mass production of Hypak™. We’ve doubled our production capacity to 15,000 tons in 2023. Currently, Hypak™ has been widely used in the market and are well recognized by customers.
Category Printing, Labels, Packages
Filters, Films, Non-woven Fabrics, Tapes
Exhibitor Description Hypak™ stands as a groundbreaking high-performance material that has been independently developed by Kingwills Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. It is crafted using advanced flash-spinning technology and consists of 100% high-density polyethylene (HDPE). This exceptional polymer material is renowned for its remarkable combination of seemingly contradictory characteristics, including outstanding waterproofing and breathability, as well as its lightweight nature and impressive strength. Arranged in the form of nonwoven fabric, Hypak™ seamlessly integrates the advantages of paper, fabric, and film, making it highly sought-after in the highest-end applications of nonwoven fabric and specialty papers. It has gained immense popularity in diverse industries such as building energy conservation, medical packaging, safety and protection, industrial innovation, and consumer goods, with nearly a hundred downstream application scenarios.
Product Features
— 100% polyethylene, biocompatible and chemically stable
— Nano-sized high-strength filament fibers making Hypak™ lightweight yet mechanically strong, with puncture resistance, low-linting and clean peel properties
— Small pore size allows gas molecules to pass through with waterproofing, dustproofing and air permeability properties
— Multi-layer fiber mesh structure for excellent microbial barrier
— Ageing resistant, non-toxic, odorless and recyclable
— Hypak™ has passed the European Union's REACH and RoHS regulations and contains no toxic or hazardous substances
Hypak™ Medical Packaging solution
Flash-spun Hypak™