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Ruiflon Industries Inc.
Company Name Ruiflon Industries Inc.
Address Rm503, T18 Block, Vtrek Innovation Industry Park, No. 644, Shibei Industrial Road, Dashi Street, Panyu District, Guangzhou, China
Tel +81-80-9681-7561
Overview 弊社はコンパウンドを通じて材料の弱みを改善し、性能向上により先端材料と製品を安定に提供し、社会と産業の発展に貢献します。【製品】造影剤入コンパウンド&チューブ、引裂き性コンパウンド&チューブ、造影剤入り引裂き性コンパウンド&チューブ、PEEK・フッ素樹脂&コンパウンド、PEEKメッシュ、PFA/PEEKモノフィラメント等。
We aim to improve the weaknesses and performance of materials through compounds to stably deliver high-performance materials & products to our customers. We offer radiopaque compounds & tubing, peelable compounds & tubing, radiopaque & peelable compounds & tubing, PEEK/fluorine resins & compounds, PEEK mesh, PFA/PEEK monofilament, etc.
Category Plastic Processing, Plastic Parts/Materials
Resin, Ceramic, Rubber
Tubes, Pipes, Needles, Pins, Tubing Materials
OEM/Custom Manufacturing
Exhibitor Description 出展予定製品:
1.Medical compounds: FEP/ETFE/TPU BaSO4 compounds, peelable tubing materials, radiopaque & peelable tubing materials, etc.
2.Catheter: radiopaque TPU/FEP/ETFE tubing, radiopaque & peelable FEP/PTFE tubing, ePTFE/PFA/PEEK tubing, etc.
3.Industrial products: PFA/PEEK monofilament, ePTFE film, etc.
造影剤入コンパウンド/Radiopaque compound(FEP/ETFE/TPU/Pebax)
造影剤入り引裂き性コンパウンド/Radiopaque & peelable compound
PFA/PEEKモノフィラメント / PFA/PEEK Monofilament