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Shenzhen Sinowares Technology Co.,Ltd
企業・団体名/英文表記 Shenzhen Sinowares Technology Co.,Ltd
企業・団体名/フリガナ Shenzhen Sinowares Technology Co.,Ltd
住所 Building 6, Zone A2, Shahe Industrial Zone, Dawei, Xinzhuang Community, Matian Street, Guangming District, Shenzhen
電話番号 0755-27152191
企業・団体概要 SINOWARES was founded in 2002 and has a history of 22 years. It focuses on the production of structural components of medical minimally invasive surgical instruments. Its products include: various puncture needle products, medical power planer blades, electric external knife structural products, various snake bones and Flexible pipe fittings, medical precision parts, etc., focusing on the planning and production of medical minimally invasive surgical instrument structural parts and supporting materials. The company adheres to technological innovation and is committed to vertical links such as minimally invasive structures, minimally invasive materials, minimally invasive accessories, and minimally invasive applications. Minimally invasive structural solutions and implementers with temperature!
企業・団体カテゴリ 金属加工、金属部品/材料
Biopsy needle
Puncture needle
Planing tool